Thermoplastic Injection Molding at ALSCO Delivers U.S.A. Quality for Less!

Thermoplastic Injection Molding with ALSCO is attractive at first glance—and upon further inspection. Experienced clients are often drawn to ALSCO because of the high-output molding capacity and low per-unit cost we offer on the molding of simple to complex parts. Clients choose ALSCO (and stay with us) because of the precision molding quality and high-level project management we consistently deliver.

ALSCO Molding Advantages begin with a dedication to designing, acquiring, and maintaining a quality mold that fits your needs. We work with resources both locally and world-wide as necessary to secure molds that meet your performance, schedule, and budget parameters.

Our Thermoplastic Injection Molding Advantages continue through our knowledge of how important mold integrity is throughout your manufacturing cycle. Because your mold is the foundation that will support your program’s success, mold performance is carefully reviewed—and molds are refurbished and maintained as needed to ensure molded part consistency.

ALSCO’s proven expertise and program management also assures your parts will be molded the “right” and most efficient way. Our experienced craftsman skillfully control all injection molding variables, including optimum temperature, pressure, drying time, finishing, and materials selection that includes both new and recycled Thermoplastics.

With a successful mold acquired, we then schedule mold production using our on-site fleet of over 33 state-of-the-art, microprocessor-controlled Injection Molding systems. Equipped with robotic automation, these systems allow us to maintain the strictest quality and tightest tolerances while meeting your scheduling and inventory needs. 

Finally, ALSCO’s “whatever-it-takes” approach ensures you always experience true turnkey convenience and economies. From part design and mold development assistance…to molding, assembling, finishing, and packaging…to inventory storage and “just-in-time” managed delivery—ALSCO has your complete solution for securing quality Thermoplastic Injection-Molded Parts.

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Capabilities: U.S.A.-based 65,000 s.f. facility running state-of-the-art molding technology

Experience: 25 years of plastic molding better parts with integrity—for less!

Quality: ISO 9001 Certified and FDA Registered for Class 1 Medical molding

Price: Low, competitive, and free of costs and delays often associated with off-shore shipping

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